Yoga And Aerial Silks Retreat: Arco Isis Sanctuary

San Marcos LA laguna, Guatemala

APRIL 16- APRIL 22, 2019

Come explore the beauty of Lake Atitlan while deepening your yoga practice and Flying on the Silks.

Arco isis sanctuary hosts one of the best views in San Marcos and is the perfect spot to deepen your understanding of Yoga while strengthening your body with aerial arts. San Marcos is a vibrant spiritual community of healers that come to settle from all over the globe. the local mayan culture is strong; it’s color and tradition permeating the small village.

I emerge from my tent into the soft glow of the morning sun. A deep breath in. Receive the fresh air from the surrounding forrest, the coffee plants, the scent of the fertile soil beneath my feet. Rays of golden light begin to flood the lake and the water lights up like silver.

Sacred Schedule:

7:00 : Wake Up Flute

7:30 : Meditation

8:00 : Yoga

9:00 : Breakfast

10:30-12:00 : Strength Training/Handstands/Active Stretching

1:00 : Lunch

3:00-4:30 : Special Topic: Intro to Shamanism/Tantra/Sacred Sexuality/Yogic Philosophy

4:30- 6:00 : Silks Class

7:00 Dinner

8:00 : Sacred Fire Circle


Meditation and yoga : Adrianna Peters

This retreat is a potent opportunity to establish a daily meditation and yoga Practice. We will practice hatha and vinyasa yoga, weaving a thread of shamanism into the experience. Dharma talks and yoga philosophy talks will be held every afternoon. Topics we’ll be revealing inlude:

  • Tantra

  • Sacred sexuality and moon cycle mysteries

  • Lineage and Ancestral exploration

  • non-Violent communication

  • Authentic relating

  • Cacao ceremony/ Ecstatic dance

  • acro yoga

  • song circles

  • drum journeys

This retreat will be an experience of self inquiry, cultivation of courage and empowerment.

Yoga will be guided by Adrianna peters, E-RYT 500. Adrianna has 8 years of experience teaching yoga and has facilitated 12 yoga teacher training around the world.

Meredith best.jpg

Aerial : Thomas MAngin

alongside practicing yoga we will learn to fly on the silks. All levels are welcome to join. practitioners that have been to a few classes will likely benefit the most from the silks classes we will offer.

Silks will be guided by Thomas MAngin of cirque du soleil and momentom collective.

Thomas Mangin is a french aerial artist specialized in Aerial performances.

He has been Performing on stage for the past 7 years with some of the leaders in the entertainment world such as Cirque Du Soleil, Franco Dragone, and Disneyland Paris. Those experiences led him to develop strong skills and knowledge on how to “dance” through the air, delivering a high quality performance to touch the audience.

His background of Gymnastic (multiple times french champion, solo and team) allows him to go beyond what seems “possible” for the eye of the general public and even some pros.

He had the opportunity to perform on Straps (Festival du Cirque de Demain, Franco Dragone andDisneyland Paris), Lyra (show “O”), bungee straps (« Love, The Beatles »), silks (Disneyland Paris),and Rope (« Love, The Beatles » and « Robin des Bois »).

He has experience in solo and duo work.

He recently started creating his unique style of movement on aerial Straps in a way that inspire Lightness and Grace, reflecting his personal approach for a more masterful Life.

He has a bachelor degree in Physical Education and Life coaching, which has allow him to become skillful in taking great care of his physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual preparation.

He also followed a rigging certification leading him to understand and rig safely his own material.

In other words, his goal is to inspire people to live their life at their maximum potential, their highest level of fitness in all dimensions and planes, to make them realize their dreams in the

glimpse of an instant of magic, focusing on what is possible in life, right now.


cultural Experience

There will be ample time off to explore the magic of San Marcos and its surrounding villages. The local textiles, artisan crafts, food and JEWELERS sprinkle the walking paths with their beauty.

Visit the womans co-op in San Pedro and see how the local woman weave and die artisan textiles.

Visit local shops filled with guatemalan jade, handmade jewelry, and beaded wonders.

Take a language class and learn the native San Marcos indian tounge of Kaqchikel

Learn about the sacred count of days and the mayan calendar

Lear about your nawal and mayan astrolgy


Location : Arco Isis Santuary

Our yoga community will be hosted by the stunning Arco isis Sanctuary. Arco Isis is a Transformational Retreat and Garden Sanctuary on the mountainside overlooking San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, working to elevate consciousness and support the local indigenous Mayan community!

"Arco Isis" is a creative play on 'arco iris', the Spanish term for rainbow. 'Isis' is the Ancient Egyptian name of the Divine Mother, bringer of rain, fertility, protection and rebirth. The name invokes the love and resurrection of the Divine Mother to help us transform consciousness and learn to live in harmony with the Earth and our universe.  We are open to all beliefs and faiths-  Love is love, Peace is Peace! <3


Early Bird (Sign UP Before Feb. 28) : $777

Regular Price : $950

Price includes:

  • Shared accomodation in glamping tent

    (Amenities include: wifi, hot water, Drinking water, flushing and composting toilets, electrical outlets)

  • Daily meditation and yoga

  • strength training

  • 3 Delicious vegitarian meALS/DAY







    Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!

Grab a friend, or come solo and join this epic community <3!