Awakening Journeys with Momentom Collective

I emerge from my tent into the soft glow of the morning sun. A deep breath in. Receive the fresh air from the surrounding forrest, the coffee plants, the scent of the fertile soil beneath my feet. Rays of golden light begin to flood the lake and the water lights up like silver. The sun bursts forth from behind the volcanos. It’s warmth kisses my skin and I glow. Soft, smooth inhale. Soft, smooth exhale. Sleepy eyes open and the community rustles into awakening with the sunrise. Sacred silence blankets the morning as we make our way to the temple for union. I light some sage and palo santo, set the space for praise. We meditate. We breath. Inviting our souls fully into presence with this body, this time and space. I’m gifted with the honor of teaching yoga.

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Next Adventures

Hi Friends!

I’m halfway though my journey of the elements with Sacred Paths Yoga. Sam Biancini and I have been leading our group of 10 dedicated yogis through their 200 hour yoga teacher certification. We wake daily at 5:30 and practice meditation and asana with the rising sun. We’ve been working with the the energies of the elements as we release old patterns and step fully into our embodied sovereign states, dreaming the world into being. We’ve shared emotional intelligence techniques, song circles, ecstatic dance, holotropic breathwork, yoga nidra and cacao ceremony. A beautiful journey it has been.


After I finish leading what will be my 11th YTT, I’m journeying back to the mystical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for an artist residency with Momentum Collective. It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything cirque related, so I’m exited to clown around with new friends at the stunning Arco Isis Sanctuary with this as my view for 3 weeks:


During my artist residency with Momentum, one of my favorite festivals will happen over New Years. I’m honored to be teaching at Cosmic Convergence festival for the third time! I’m so excited to reunite with old and new friends at the festival and at all the magical lake gatherings.

If you want to attend the festival and get 10% off use CosmicFam10 at checkout and come flow through a shamanic journey with me!


Costa Rica Sacred Paths YTT:

Nov. 30- Dec 20, 2018

Momentum Collective Artist Residency:

Dec. 24- Jan 10, 2019

Cosmic Convergence

Dec. 29- Jan 1st, 2019

Costa Rica Sacred Paths YTT:

Jan. 24- Feb 14, 2019

Awakening the Shift

I can remember buttoning up my all black long sleeve shirt prepping for an 12 hour double shift at the restaurant I was working for at the time. Tying my apron with a deep sigh I dug deep to look for a smile to smear on my face even though I felt like I was wilting on the inside. While I was grateful for the trendy industrial workspace, dug the Chet Faker playlist and generally enjoyed our hipster clientele, it was getting harder and harder to find purpose in filling copper mugs with vodka and ginger beer.

Teaching at Serenity Gathering  Photo: Jacob Avanzato

Teaching at Serenity Gathering

Photo: Jacob Avanzato

I was teaching yoga part time at a local studio in Ocean Beach, but it was getting stale. Teaching at festivals ignited something in me because I was usually camping, mindful of my relationship with the natural environment around me and able to express myself from a deeply authentic place.

My personal yoga practice profoundly spoke to me. It was a chance for me to take inventory of my physical body and integrate the energy of my mind and emotions into this experience of being human. Whispers of my potential landed on my heart. I could see myself in a different light on my mat. I could tangibly feel the power that I wield and could see that it was being wasted working shift after shift in an industry that did not feel like my dharma (path.)

I felt the call so deeply to leave and advance my yoga certification to the 500 hour level. I signed up one restless night at 3 o’clock in the morning and watched how my life began to shift after I made the choice to change directions. It was hard to leave the space I was living in at the time. A group of dear friends and I started a funky little venue called The Ob Template (which was also where about 7 of us were living in a 2 bedroom “apartment” in Ocean Beach, California.) This was a space where local musicians and artists could come share their workshops for the community. We had weekly events, gatherings, potlucks and psychedelic journeys.

Burlesque Workshop by Darrce Smith at The OB Template

Burlesque Workshop by Darrce Smith at The OB Template

The Beginnings of the OB Template

The Beginnings of the OB Template

Before the Loft. Lucy and Sae prepping for Burningman.

Before the Loft. Lucy and Sae prepping for Burningman.

I left San Diego with a 1 way ticket to Guatemala. I was on my way, by myself, to a country I’d never been to before and a life that I didn’t even know was possible. I completed my 500 hour certification on The Mystical Yoga farm on Lake Atitlan. There I was shown the magic of living in an intentional community. I explored the world of permaculture. I learned how to facilitate fire circle, cacao ceremony, and ecstatic dance. I refined my yoga teaching practice and was able to develop a style that I felt authentically connected to. I was introduced to Shamanism, San Pedro and how to use psychedelics in a way that expanded my capacity to understand myself, the world around me and the world within me. I picked up the guitar and started singing Kirtan, cultivating the tools to guide people to open their voices. I found many ways to sit in front of God.

Shortly after completing my 500 training hour I knew I wanted to facilitate yoga teacher trainings. I apprenticed two 200 hour YTTs, 21 days each. It was sometimes challenging to learn the skills it takes to hold space for a large group for so many days. I was confronted with my own shadow and insecurities. I had to learn what it takes to work through feelings of low self worth and shine light on the value of the medicine I bring to this world.

I’ve now facilitated 9 yoga teacher trainings in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru and Bali for 2 international yoga schools. I have experienced first hand the cataclysmic shifts in my energy from spending time on these sacred lands. I am profoundly grateful for the portals, tools, skills, friendships and connections that working for these school has opened for me. On these journeys I have been blessed with life changing experiences that have forever changed the way I live and relate to my community.

I’ve journeyed with shamans and grandfather teacher San Pedro up the Andes Mountains and felt the cleansing of sparkling waterfalls. I’ve hiked Guatemalan volcanoes and slept through the fridged night blanketed in the brightest shootings stars I've ever seen. I’ve swam through candle lit caves in Semuc Champey into the depths of Mother Earth and whispered prayers to my ancestors. I’ve sung Kirtan, my face streaked with tears of ultimate bliss at Maha Devi ashram. I’ve sat with the great plant teacher grandmother Ayahuasca and was shown visions that have blasted who I am and who I thought I was into fractals of eternally dancing angels. I’ve felt the depth of loneliness, the agony of dispair, the crushing weight of “not enoughness.” I have learned what it takes to put aside my own desires and open a safe space for others to bloom. I’ve witnessed more beauty than the waitress version of me shuffling trays and Moscow mules between her weeded section could ever have fathomed. I’ve been witness to talent that has brought me to tears, and faced challenge that has burned me to ashes.

Hiking Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala

Hiking Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala

Fire Ceremony: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Fire Ceremony: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Guiding morning asana for School Yoga Institute: Sacred Valley, Peru

Guiding morning asana for School Yoga Institute: Sacred Valley, Peru

The gratitude I have for all the color that has painted this life since my first 200 hour YTT is inexpressible in words. My biggest shifts in finding the ultimate joy and freedom in my expression have blossomed from that first YTT when I studied as a student in Costa Rica with Sofia Thom, Larry Thraen and Shawn Roop. A Vinyasa based course that blended dance (Danyasa) with the alignment of Astanga highlighted with Tantric philosophy. Traveling to a different country helped me see myself reflected in a broader spectrum of light. It watered the garden of my life and blossomed into experiences I didn’t have the capacity to imagine were possible. From that time until now has been the ultimate trip. My heart is alight in excitement to see what comes next.

After 2 and a half years of leading yoga teacher trainings with other schools, it’s now time for another shift. My curriculum and teachings have organically bundled into my own unique expression and I felt the call to craft my own yoga teacher training. I am delighted, through the roof, ecstatically excited, wonderfully elated to present to you my offering: Awakening Journeys.

If you are feeling stuck where you are on your path, resonate with my story, and want to deepen your yoga practice/become a yoga teacher I invite you to come join me in Bali at Pondok Pitaya: August 25- Sept 14, 2019. Please have a look at my website for the details. To celebrate its launch I am offering $500 off to the first 4 students that sign up. Space is limited to 14.

I will also be offering retreats for those that feel called an a yogic journey with me for shorter lengths of time. I’d love your feedback: Where do you want to go?

Please explore my website: and connect with me at with any questions.

For any friends who have studied with me and refer a friend, you’ll receive $150 cash, and they’ll get $200 off their training.

In humble gratitude, may we all walk in beauty.


Adrianna Peters, Awakening Journeys Founder

Blooming Lotus, Saraswati Temple: Bali, Indonesia

Blooming Lotus, Saraswati Temple: Bali, Indonesia